1. The lyrics are at the end. It's prog. It does that.

    Sheer guitar brutality. Fripp's burbling eruption at 3:41 is incredible enough. Adrian Belew's answering solo at 6:52 cements his claim to be the Twang Bar King. I saw them on this tour, the most interesting and diverse audience of any show I've been to EVER. The widest age range
  2. happy birthday to frank vincent zappa (4.dec.1940) "just me and the pygmy pony / over by the dental-floss bush" #Zappa #birthday #anniversary #music
  3. I miss #Zappa . (His autobio is pretty good.)
  4. Chris Fryar of the Zac Brown Band on his admiration of drummer Vinnie Colaiuta... "Go check (his playing with) Sting, Zappa, Herbie Hancock. He’s amazing. I would drink a gallon of his bath water if I thought it would help me play better. I swear to God. "If you were a drummer an
  5. Moon Unit has a few points:
  6. #Zappa #WiseWords #Politics
  7. Funky Nothingness

    Looking through the new releases on Qobuz this morning and found Frank Zapka’s Funky Nothingness , the “long lost” sequel to Hot Rats. Still on the first listen, the guitar solo on I’m a Rolling Stone is definitely worth the listen. #Zappa #music