1. Extend the right to vote to 16+!

    Old enough to work, old enough to vote! Extend the right to vote to 16+! #VotingRights #Elections #USPolitics #YouthVote #ElectionsMatter
  2. Mitt Romney Reveals Twisted Reason Why Congress Moved to Ban TikTok

    By Ben Metzner Utah Senator Mitt Romney revealed the motivation for the bipartisan consensus to ban TikTok, and it has little to do with protecting users’ data. Speaking at the McCain Institute on Friday alongside Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Romney lamented Israel’s inabilit
  3. Harvard Youth Poll Findings (#1)

    We'll be highlighting the findings from one of the more meticulous polls done out there...not a "horserace" poll, but a solid look at how younger voters (18-29) are viewing the Presidential Election and politics in general Among likely voters under 30, President Biden leads former
  4. Biden’s Vulnerability With Young Voters May Not Cost Him in 2024

    By Timothy Noah President Joe Biden has a problem with young voters. He’s addressing this problem: This week he put forward an ambitious proposal to extend student debt relief to 30 million Americans—on top of the $146 billion in student debt relief that he’s already achieved for
  5. Fox News host mocks idea Trump – who brought Vanilla Ice to NYE party – can win young voters

    By Kelly Rissman A Fox News host dismissed the notion that former president Donald Trump would carry the youth vote, pointing to the fact that Vanilla Ice performed at his New Year’s Eve party . The Five co-host Jessica Tarlov told her colleagues, “This idea that Trump is blowing hi
  6. VOTE

    TODAY (Tues, Nov. 7) is election day in the U.S. State-specific voting information links (click below): #election #voting #VOTE #climatevote #youthvote #WomenVoters #voteblue #votingmatters
  7. “The Republican Party knows that they don’t have the youth vote,” said Aster Chau, another organizer for the campaign from Pennsylvania. “They’ve spent the last few years antagonizing students and teachers — eroding trust in public education — in order to distract from all of the
  8. VP Harris talks to the college kids!

    Democrats at work. A good place for VP Harris: Out speaking to overflow crowds of college kids! Smart! #youthvote #youthvotescount #DemocratsGetThingsDone