1. Neighbours' surfer Brad Willis actor's new career 30 years after leaving soap

    By Zara Woodcock Neighbours fans might remember hunky surfer Brad Willis from the soap between 1991 and 1993. The actor, Scott Michaelson , was in his 20s when he was part of the long-running Australian soap. Brad was originally played by Benjamin Mitchell before he was replaced by
  2. Aquarius & Various

    Pictured: Gabrielle’s play, “A Message of Peace “ adds a little jiggle from 3 wood nymphs in “The Play’s the Thing” Something I had to keep in mind about canon for my project is that I had 3 different kinds to juggle. Although my story is a #Xena episode, it actually draws upon 3
  3. The Canon’s the Thing

    Pictured: Gabrielle & Joxer in The Play’s the Thing As I mentioned, I am attempting to make this #Xena webcomic as close to canon as possible. But what exactly does that mean? Is this a show that has that kind of organized approach, and even if it does, is it still applicable, 20