1. Review of Michael Mann’s ‘ #OurFragileMoment : How lessons from the Earth’s past can help us survive the climate crisis’ by Brian McHugh for #YorkshireBylines :
  2. "Catastrophe in Libya made 50 times more likely by climate breakdown" by Brian McHugh for #YorkshireBylines : https://yorkshirebylines.co.uk/news/environment/libyas-heavy-rainfall-50-times-more-likely-owing-to-human-caused-global-warming/
  3. "Current European heatwave virtually impossible without human-induced carbon pollution" [and as I point out, the models may be underestimating the climate impact here] by Brian McHugh for #YorkshireBylines :
  4. "North Atlantic Ocean records its highest ever sea surface temperature" by Brian McHugh for #YorkshireBylines | I weigh in along with Stefan Rahmstorf & others: