1. She is Finished

    For those of you still wondering how we painted that hard to reach area of our house, here is the solution. It's terrifying to look at, but it was as safe as we could make it. Mr Moo did the math to calculate min and max angles, distances and loads. The ladder was tied to the sca
  2. What I Did on Summer Vacation

    This is the story of how we ended up painting our house ourselves this summer even though we hadn't planned on doing it. Our house was overdue to be painted. Since Mr Moo retired earlier this year and we're still working out finances and a budget, we weren't planning to hire a pai
  3. I hate running. SO I run, EVERYDAY.

    I absolutely hate running. I hate it so much, the very thought of it makes me want to crawl back in bed and never leave my bed. Hence, I run every day, at 1.30 AM or 4 AM - come rain, hail, or shine. - You read that right, I repeatedly perform the activity day after day that I hate t