1. Elections Matter

    Ohio: #YesOnIssue1 Virginia: State Senate Seats New Jersey: State Senate Seats Pennsylvania: State Supreme Court Seats Maine: 4 potential constitutional amendments. Kentucky: Governor Race: Let's go @AndyBeshearKY! New York: amendments Mississippi: Governor Race @BrandonPresley !
  2. #YesOnIssue1 #VoteYesOnIssue1
  3. OHIO, there are only a few weeks left to VOTE #YesOnIssue1 so, please vote on or before Nov 7 to enshrine reproductive healthcare & bodily autonomy for women and girls into the state constitution. This will also nullify the states 6 week heartbeat law. Let's do this!
  4. #Ohio #YESonIssue1 #Healthcare Think about this…the issue is about allowing you to make your own decision. Your . Own . Decision. If you vote No on this, what decision of yours are you willing to sacrifice?
  5. #Ohio , reproductive freedom is on the ballot. Vote #YESonIssue1 : amends the state constitution to say every individual has a right to make and carry out their own reproductive decisions, including decisions on contraception, fertility treatment, miscarriage care, and abortion.