1. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin Trade Mixed Amid Israel Seizure Of Hamas Crypto Accounts: Analyst Predicts Imminent ETH Collapse By Year-End

    By Mehab Qureshi Major cryptocurrencies surged above the $27,000 mark, displaying resilience amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas war , as the crypto market remains largely unaffected. Cryptocurrency Gains +/- Price (Recorded 9:30 p.m. EDT) Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC ) -0.62% $27,435 Ethereum (
  2. 🎙It's Monday again, so of course we've come back with another episode of the StackCast! This week we catch up with @cakewallet founder @vikrantnyc to discuss a little background on the project, making Monero even easier to use, and all things new these days in Cake 🩵🍰 Join u
  3. 🎙️StackCast Episode 5 w/ Alex from @LocalMoneroCo & @AgoraDesk is live right now! Give it a watch or listen at youtu.be/_zwHj2lBV7c to learn a little about a couple great privacy-conscious P2P marketplaces out there! 💙🩵 #stackcast #podcast #XMR #BTC #crypto #privacy
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  5. 🎙️ Heads up: The third episode of StackCast is now LIVE over on YouTube! This week we speak with Andrés Cordón (@anhdres) about his creative work on a few #opensource projects you might be familiar with 👀 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QzWijKlco8A #crypto #podcast #privacy #
  6. Stack @Monerotopia!

    Stack Wallet will be featured in the Monero Alley at the @Monerotopia conference. Check them out and attend if you can, physically or virtually. Great people, and looking to be a great conference! #monerotopia #monero #XMR #crypto #live