1. Goodbye To Car DJ Battles: Apple's SharePlay Democratizes CarPlay Music With iOS 17

    By Ananya Gairola Tired of the endless squabbles over who controls the music during car rides? Apple's iOS 17 has seemingly rolled out a solution. What Happened: Apple’s iOS 17 includes a feature that allows passengers to control the music played through CarPlay . This feature, call
  2. Análisis de las Apple Vision Pro: la revolución de la Realidad Aumentada

    Un análisis en detalle con todo lo que debes saber sobre las Apple Vision Pro, el innovador nuevo dispositivo de Apple para la realidad aumentada y virtual. En un hito tecnológico sin precedentes, Apple ha desvelado finalmente su tan esperado visor de realidad aumentada, el Vision
  3. 5 reasons Apple Vision Pro will be the hottest new travel accessory

    As a frequent flyer, I've noticed an uptick of passengers wearing the AirPods Max . However, there may be another Apple product joining the popular headphones as the next hottest travel accessory: the Vision Pro. Although many journalists and influencers have praised the Vision Pro
  4. iPhone 16: Rumored AI-powered Siri to bring this new feature

    The iPhone 16 is rumored to get an AI-powered Siri, and according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this update will come with a significant boost to the microphone. In a Medium post , Kuo claims that Apple must strengthen the internals inside the next-generation iPhone to support new
  5. How To Tinker With Apple's iOS 17 Beta 2 For Free?

    By Ananya Gairola Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL ) has related iOS 17 Beta 2, giving eager users a chance to explore the latest features and improvements firsthand. Find out how you can join the beta testing program and experience the latest operating system iterations before the official
  6. The Audio Voice 425

    Did You Notice Apple’s Important Breakthrough in Headset Audio Design? And What About Adaptive Audio? Important technology innovations from #WWDC2023 in the audio front, from Vision Pro to iOS, Mac Pro, and AirPods Pro. And #AlltheAudioNewsthatMatter #theaudiovoice #audioxpress #au
  7. Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2023 #Business #Tech #Technology #Apple #WWDC2023 via @wired