1. Man chugs Guinness and tomato soup pint and reckons it's 'actually okay'

    By Ewan Gleadow A video of a man mixing tomato soup with Guinness has horrified TikTok users, who described the concoction as "absolutely diabolical". TikTok user Ben Stanford left viewers disgusted as he necked the half and half pint of tomato soup and Guinness. He told users he h
  2. Battle Of The Somme - New Research Shows Detonating A Massive Mine Under German Lines Too Early Led To A British Slaughter

    shared technical article shared paper “The Battle of the Somme began on July 1 1916 with a spectacular explosion under Hawthorn Ridge – a fortified German frontline position west of the village of Beaumont Hamel in northern France. The footage of the explosion remains one of the be
  3. https://ideascape.substack.com/p/peter-jacksons-time-machine-sort When footage of the army from World War 1 look like it was shot recently, it brings a different time alive in a way we've never seen before
  4. Get informed

    Big Tech’s relationship with journalism is much more complicated than it appears: "The Great Social Media–News Collapse" @cwarzel @TheAtlantic @stewartbrand (Plus- WWI ends) “The more wonderful the means of communication, the more trivial, tawdry, or depressing its contents seeme
  5. Irishwoman turns 105 and her son shares her secret to long life

    By Pat Flanagan & John O'sullivan One of Ireland's oldest citizens recently celebrated her landmark 105th birthday surrounded by her friends and family. A native of Dublin , Nora Whyte was born in 1918, just as World War 1 was nearing its end. Nora, who was born in Dublin’s North Ci