1. Three Coachella artists likely to get political as Ukraine, Israel-Hamas wars continue

    Dozens of artists pulled out of SXSW last month to express support for Gaza. Amid ongoing ceasefire protests, how will Coachella be affected? By Kathryn Palmer, USA TODAY NETWORK Music and politics have always been intertwined. In ancient Rome, an enemy of Emperor Nero used music t
  2. 'Elite' star Danna on making 'peace' with early fame, why she quit acting for music

    Mexican actress and pop singer Danna embraces her complicated past as a child entertainer on her latest album "Childstar." By Edward Segarra, USA TODAY Danna has mastered the art of playing a role, so now she’s flipping the script. Born Danna Paola Rivera Munguía, the Mexican pop si
  3. Fuerza Regida announces Pero No Te Enamores concert tour: How to get tickets, dates

    Get ready for another unforgettable Fuerza Regida concert tour to dominate summer 2024. The band's Pero No Te Enamores Tour will kick off this June. By Pamela Avila, USA TODAY Fresas y beliconas, get ready for another unforgettable Fuerza Regida tour. The Mexican American band, hail
  4. Afrobeats star Davido threatens legal action over fake drug arrest story on April Fools' Day

    "Unavailable" singer Davido called out a Kenyan TV station over a fake story about his arrest for hiding drugs on a plane on April Fools' Day. By Taijuan Moorman, USA TODAY Afrobeats star Davido says he will take legal action against a Kenyan news station for publishing a false sto
  5. I.M of MONSTA X reflects on solo release 'Off The Beat': 'My music is like a diary to me'

    USA TODAY chats with I.M of MONSTA X about his third EP "Off The Beat", its creative process and his artistic identity. By Olivia Munson, USA TODAY Self-reflection serves as a focal point in the solo music of Im Chang-kyun, better known as I.M . Dating back to his first mixtape " WHO
  6. Happy If-Only 92nd Birthday Miriam Makeba! 💙 💙 South African singer, songwriter, actor & civil rights activist, she specialized in jazz, world music & Afropop genres. She moved to NYC in 1960, recorded her 1st solo LP & her career flourished: a Grammy Award for Best Folk Recording i
  7. I produce an ambient and world music edition of Spiritual Awakening Radio, Sunday's, Noon - 1 PM Eastern Time, streaming online via Radio Webphre: http://radiowebphre.com/ecoute-en-direct Feel free to drop by. Radio Webphre is commercial free & has lots of interesting programming.
  8. Nigerian music label Mavin looks to investment partners for pan-African vision

    By Yinka Adegoke The News Mavin Global, the Nigerian music label behind one of the biggest worldwide hit songs of the last two years, has held talks with strategic and financial partners in recent weeks which have valued the company as high as $150 million, according to a person wi
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