1. Embrace Fitness And Fun: Transform Your Workouts With Pose Detection Technology

    Introduction Are you looking to elevate your fitness routine while having a blast? Dive into the world of pose detection workout apps and revolutionize how you exercise. Say goodbye to monotonous repetitions and hello to interactive sessions that keep you engaged and motivated. Wha
  2. Should you try a VR workout? We put Litesport to the test.

    As a former athlete, I’ve spent a lot of time trying different types of fitness. From running to powerlifting, CrossFit classes, martial arts, hot yoga, and more — there aren’t many things I don’t like when it comes to staying active. However, when it comes to home workouts , I fi
  3. Best Folding Treadmills

    By Rebecca Boniface, Sara Hendricks, and Lily Hartman You’re ready to go for your run—and it’s rainy. Or it’s cold. Or there’s an air advisory outside. So often, great run intentions get squashed by gray weather. Unless, of course, you have an at-home gym with enough floor space f