1. Woody Woodpecker in the 1986 Macy’s #Thanksgiving 🦃 Day Parade #PopCulture
  2. One Dark Halloween

    One Halloween, way back in the 70s, I had one of those box costumes that consisted of a low quality plastic mask and a smock with a picture on it of what you’re supposed to be. Mine was Woody Woodpecker, like the one in the picture. I was going to be Woody Woodpecker and I loved
  3. 1954 WOODY WOODPECKER in CHEVROLET WONDERLAND comic (giveaway for the brats)

    1954 giveaway #comic WESTERN Publishing WOODY WOODPECKER promoting CHEVROLET 1954 automobiles The little brats that came to the 1954 Chevrolet showroom, were given a FREE comic book to enjoy. Brilliant idea - KEEP THEM QUIET, while their parents bought a car #PopCulture #50s #vin
  4. WOODY WOODPECKER SLIPPER (and Batman, Spiderman, Popeye)

    1978 #comicbook #ad This is an ad for children's slippers. The ad is promoting a Woody Woodpecker, Spiderman, Popeye and a Batman slipper. For $1.50, and 50¢ postage, you could make your child very happy #popculture #vintage #70s #Popeye #Spiderman #Batman #nostalgia #no