1. Sexual offences against young women up 33% on London public transport

    By Josh Salisbury Sex offences and harassment against young women on London transport have surged by a third in a year, the British Transport Police has said. The force said in 2023, 320 young women and girls aged between 10 and 19 reported incidents of sexual offences and harassme
  2. The Rise of Women's Taser Guns In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the popularity of taser guns specifically designed for women. These self-defense tools are gaining traction as essential items for personal safety, offering a blend of empowerment and security. Th
  3. Empowering Women with Stun Guns In a world where personal safety remains a pressing concern, especially for women, self-defense tools like stun guns have become increasingly popular. These devices provide a practical and effective means of protection, empowering women to feel more
  4. OPINION - How is it that Dubai is safer for women than London? I'm ashamed

    By Nimco Ali You would be stunned at how many women in this city fear being raped or being seriously sexually assaulted . That’s because, in my experience, so many women have either actually been sexually assaulted or know somebody who has. This fear impacts every aspect of our liv
  5. Nigeria: Man, or Bear?

    By Olufunke Baruwa / Leadership [Leadership] Social media especially TikTok is buzzing with the "Man or Bear?" trend with over 65,000 responses so far asking if women would prefer to be left alone in the woods with a man or bear. Interestingly and equally worrisome, many women cho
  6. #Arizona #WomensSafety #womensautonomy #ReproductiveRightsAreWomensRights #VoteOutEveryRepublican2024
  7. 10 U.S. Code § 914 - Art. 114. Endangerment offenses (a)Reckless Endangerment.— Any person subject to this chapter who engages in conduct that— (1) is wrongful and reckless or is wanton; and (2) is likely to produce death or grievous bodily harm to another person; shall be punished as a
  8. Being a girl & a woman means you grow up learning, you are "prey".

    I have done all of these precautions listed below & still do them. I've taught my son several different ways of helping women if he sees them trying to dodge someone -- (i.e., feet &/or body pointed away from the man - a sign of wanting to get away; eyes darting around the room t