1. I like the colors the cherry tree leafs get in autumn. Another really nice morning here, well it's after noon right now and the only thing that has changed is that we once again have a rather windy day. Doesn't matter really because the sun is shining and I'll soon drive to work. W
  2. Fairfield Porter (US1907-75) - Wild Roses 1961 oil on canvas private collection
  3. and on this fine day..from the water's edge, these color pops are presenting today, Good Morning! #grateful #Nature #wildroses #Photography #littlethings #impact
  4. I got a text message from my neighbors asking me how I coped with the strong winds last night and I answered what winds? Their cottage and garage protects my cottage from all winds coming from south west to west. Apparently the winds were so strong that tiles had flown of their r
  5. Outside my entrance door. #Gardensofpost #lilacs #wildroses #photographsofpost #photos #gardenphotos