1. Dionne Warwick loses patience with Kate Garraway during awkward moment on ITV Good Morning Britain

    By Laura Carreno Despite her best intentions when mentioning her age, Kate Garraway sparked a hint of frustration in Dionne Warwick . The legendary singer, 83, spoke to the Good Morning Britain host and her co-star Richard Madeley this Thursday, May 2, as she spoke about her long-la
  2. Kevin Costner’s Ultimatum Brought Whitney Houston On Board ‘The Bodyguard’

    When Whitney Houston was looking to launch her acting career, she thought the lead in "The Bodyguard" might have been too much to handle. Kevin Costner convinced her otherwise. #WhitneyHouston #TheBodyguard #KevinCostner #MovieHistory #90sMovies #ActingDebut #BehindTheScenes #Mus
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  4. #WhitneyHouston #Music #PerfectPitch Just thinking of Whitney Houston, today. Nothing more need be said than this:
  5. Support Public Education

    VA supports Public Education! We as voters in VA must continue to elect politicians who support & will fully fund Public Education. As the great Whitney Houston sang 🎶🎶 youtu.be/IYzlVDlE72w?si… “I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show t
  6. New Jersey Hall of Fame unveils a Whitney Houston exhibit at a state parkway service area

    The estate of singer Whitney Houston, along with the New Jersey Hall of Fame and public officials, unveiled an exhibit in her honor at the newly renamed Vauxhall Service Area on the Garden State Parkway. The exhibit includes a large image of Houston, her biography, a display of h