1. In today’s issue we discuss Lionel Messi scores with Pink Inter Miami FC Jersey, Taco Tuesday is now brought to you by Taco Bell, GM’s Cruise just got its permit suspended, the FCC rejected Varda’s application to land spacecraft in the U.S. the Grévin Museum is whitewashing “The
  2. “Hillsdale's 1776 Curriculum is a dangerous threat to public education. Hillsdale College, a right-wing extremist organization, is working to white wash K-12 education nationwide.” Sign & send:
  3. You have got to be kidding! #WhitewashingHistory #NoToWhiteWashingHistory #StopWhiteWashingHistory #Whitewashing
  4. Virginia Education Association: “…rather than take accountability for his administration’s failures, Gov. Youngkin continues to blame languishing SOL scores on anyone but himself”; "No amount of scapegoating, whitewashing, and finger-pointing will erase those facts."
  5. I just love how the Rev. William Barber is so succinct when he explains the truth of political machinations and calls people out. This is a short interview but it is worth more than gold. A must watch. #BlackPost #politics #racism #hatecrimes #whitewashing #revwilliambarber
  6. Fishermagical Thought: Whitewashing American History (fishermage.blogspot.com)
  7. Of course FL got it wrong. They're all about racist whitewashing of history.
  8. The Reactionary Right's War on the Right to Teach and Freedom to Read

    Check out my new article on my substack! As always, tips are appreciated by not required! It’s no secret that the Reactionary Right has a disdain for #freedom . The #righttochoose , the right to organize, and the right to marry have long been high on the freedoms they want to stomp
  9. #DeSantillusional #NaziGOP #MAGA #Whitewashing #MomsForLiberty #Rascist #Fascist #Education #BookBanningBigots #bookBurning