1. Red Cloud's War

    Red Cloud's War (1866-1868) was a conflict between the Lakota Sioux-Cheyenne-Arapaho alliance and the US government over the westward expansion of the United States into the Powder River territory. It was the only war won by the Plains Indians and it halted further US expansion i
  2. Lake Erie’s Distinctive New England Feel

    By Dana B. Shoaf If you travel through Northeast Ohio, take the time to get off the turnpikes and interstates to travel through towns like Burton, Mesopotamia, or Hudson. You’ll notice that they, along with many other hamlets, have a decided New England feel to them in their early
  3. Sutter's Mill is pretty this time of year

    George and Jacob were Illinois farmers. When they decided to head to California, George had his lawyer who had drawn up his recent bankruptcy to handle the sale of the sizable family farm portfolio. They tried very hard to get the tall young lawyer to join them, and he considered