1. Book Notes, April, May 2024

    By Justus Now that we’ve finally put our books up on shelves after a decade in the garage, I pull random old books to enjoy before bedtime. The bedroom is getting crowded with a pile that needs to go back downstairs. Here are some notes before sending them back into the stacks. Stay
  2. The One and Only ‘Booger’ Was Among History’s Best Rodeo Performers

    By Richard F. Selcer The horse was once as essential to Western life as the six-gun, and breaking horses was once a necessary skill, even a business for a few tough, enterprising souls. Eventually it became a competitive rodeo event in which working cowboys pitted their skills aga
  3. Whether or Not This Stagecoach Was Used by Buffalo Bill, It Has a Storied History

    By Katharyn Benessa Center stage in a northern Colorado museum is an unmistakable symbol of the West. Faint lettering on the driver’s box of the historic stagecoach reads U.S. Mail , attesting to its original purpose, while covering nearly every square inch of its woodwork are scra
  4. Western Writers of America Announces Its 2024 Wister Award Winner

    By David Lauterborn Each year since 1961 Western Writers of America has bestowed on a respected individual its Owen Wister Award for lifetime achievement in the field of Western history. Previous Wister recipients include Oscar-winning director John Ford and actor John Wayne , Puli
  5. The Guns That Won the West

    By George Layman The year 1873 saw the introduction of two game-changing firearms—the Winchester Model 1873 lever-action rifle and the Colt M1873 Single Action Army (aka “Peacemaker”) revolver. What set them apart from the array of available arms was that they were among the first
  6. Pony Express Re-Ride

    I had read earlier in the month that the Pony Express Re-Ride would be in western Nebraska, but I wasn't aware of the date. So we were fortunate to be outside last night when the rider on her fresh horse zipped by our house. An entourage of horse trailers followed. The 2023 Re-Rid