1. Anya Taylor-Joy Had a Gothic Wedding Fit for a Vampire

    By Katherine Singh Florals for spring? Not so groundbreaking. But have you considered anatomically correct human hearts? Anya Taylor-Joy definitely has. On April 1, the Dune: Part Two actor shared photos from her wedding to Malcolm McRae. The pair seemingly tied the knot in Venice
  2. Internet Obsessed With Man Who Decides This Is Perfect Moment To Propose

    By Maria Morava Everyone wants to look their best when their partners pop the question—but one woman traded looks for laughs. A viral video posted to TikTok by @playingwithvangogh showed a woman at a family gathering playing charades when her partner proposed to her, mid-enactment
  3. Brides nowadays are cutting costs drastically with the new 'anti-bride' trend and there's more to it

    By Vidhya M. Brides nowadays are cutting costs drastically with the new 'anti-bride' trend and there's more to it Times have changed and many women do not look forward to being traditional brides anymore. It makes sense because wedding planning can be stressful for some. The myriad
  4. Gen Z is getting married. Together with Millennials, they’re putting their own spin on weddings

    By Parija Kavilanz, CNN Millennials and GenZers are redefining lifestyle trends – from the way we dress, live, work and socialize to how we celebrate life moments. That includes weddings. Formalities like big wedding parties with bridesmaids and groomsmen divided by gender, people
  5. Buddymoons Are the Biggest Trend in Travel. Here’s How to Plan Yours.

    By Krista Simmons The multi-billion dollar wedding industry is known for fleeting trends that move just as fast as some relationships seem to. But the latest fad coined the “buddymoon” is one we can really get behind. While the traditional honeymoon is typically reserved for newly
  6. 'Gross' butterfly release trend at weddings and funerals sparks huge backlash

    By Eve Wagstaff An emerging trend for releasing butterflies at weddings , christenings , and funerals is facing huge backlash from experts. The insects, believed to be symbolic of 'new beginnings and new life', have become a popular choice for many couples getting married. The beauti