1. The Best Charcoal Grills

    By Lindsay D. Mattison If you’re shopping for a new backyard grill , you’re probably asking yourself an age-old question: gas or charcoal? Gas grills are convenient, boasting instant, even heat, and precise temperature control, but you can’t beat a charcoal grill when it comes to ta
  2. Braai like a boss: Award-winning chef Neo Nontso reveals 6 simple tips for the perfect Mzansi braai

    By Nothando Mthembu Award-winning cookbook author Neo Nontso shared six simple tips for creating and hosting the perfect Mzansi braai Nontso also advises focusing on the meat, with no more than three sides, and cutting the meat into smaller chunks to help reduce food waste Netizens
  3. Special Episode: "On Brotherly Love: Agape and Verstehen"

    By Rod Graham As I work on my “Who Is Sociology” episode, I decided to read a Substack piece I wrote on loving people who may do bigoted and hateful things. It is a combination of MLK’s urging people to love everyone like brothers (Agape) and Weber’s ideas on a sociologist’s need