1. Facing Facts...

    It's getting late... very late: "World will look back at 2023 as year humanity exposed its inability to tackle climate crisis, scientists say" @jonathanwatts @guardian (Plus- the U.S. Weather Service established) “One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between
  2. CSIRO AquaWatch A World-First Weather Service To Bolster Seafood Industry In Spencer Gulf

    shared media article about AquaWatch “KEY POINTS: CSIRO has completed initial testing of a ‘weather service’ for water quality in the Spencer Gulf in South Australia The industry’s production in the Spencer Gulf region is worth over $238 million a year The data could warn seafood indu
  3. Raging Maui Wildfires Have Locals Under Evacuation and Leaves Over 1,800 Travelers Stranded

    By Krista Simmons Residents of the historic town of Lahaina on the island of Maui are currently under evacuation due to wildfires that are spreading rapidly due dry conditions and forceful winds from the Hurricane Dora, deemed a Level 4. The Coast Guard has rescued many residents