1. Drinking Water Warning in New York as Mayor Issues Emergency Request

    By Anna Skinner A New York mayor has issued an emergency plea to the federal government after officials discovered a carcinogen in the village's water supply. Officials found concerning levels of 1,4-dioxane, a possible carcinogen, in all nine wells in the village of Hempstead, New
  2. Industrial Effluent Treatment in Wastewater | WOG Group

    We saw water as necessary for the majority of manufacturing plants around the world. It was utilized as a solvent as well as a coolant. When chemical processes occur in the industry, water is created as a byproduct, which contains both dangerous and non-toxic compounds. At the ti
  3. Is hard water bad for you? 2 water quality engineers explain the potential benefits and pitfalls that come with having hard water

    By Sarah Blank, Iowa State University and Timothy Ellis, Iowa State University When you turn on your faucet to get a glass of water or wash your face, you’re probably not thinking about what’s in your water – besides water. Depending on where you live and whether you have a water-
  4. How does boiling drinking water help? Water boss apologises for parasite outbreak in Devon

    By William Mata The chief executive of South West Water has said she is sorry for an outbreak of cryptosporidium in south Devon. The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) confirmed 22 cases of cryptosporidium , a waterborne disease caused by a microscopic parasite, in Brixham on Wednesd
  5. Erie's Typhoid Epidemic Expedited Need for Clean Waterways

    My latest story: "'The entire sewage of Erie goes into Erie Harbor and Lake Erie,' read a report ... Nearly 10 million gallons emptied daily from 43 outlets into Mill Creek alone. At its mouth was thick 'sewage sludge' as well as 'garbage, dry waste, rubbish of all kinds, and fac
  6. DIY Disney Series Zeroes In On Water Crisis

    Jeremy Renner and team epurpose old truck for mobile water treatment #water #waterresources #India #JeremyRenner #Rennervations #DisneyPlus #Disney #tvshow #tvseries #Hollywood #watertreatment #doityourself #trucks #buses #vehicles #Recycle #recycling #reuse #repurpose