1. British extreme kayaker feared dead after vanishing from Swiss river as search teams comb area

    By John Dunne A British extreme kayaker is fear dead after going missing in a Swiss river, it has been reported. Bren Orton, 29, was on the Melezza River in the Ticino Region of Switzerland and disappeared four days ago. Police and specialists search and rescue teams are hunting for
  2. British kayaker feared dead after being plunged underwater in river in Switzerland

    By James Saunders A British kayaker is feared to be dead after disappearing in a river in Switzerland, reports have said, as local authorities are racing against time to track him down. Bren Orton, 29, had been trapped by strong underwater currents in the River Melezza in Switzerla
  3. Dive into Aqaba : Discovering Jordan's Enchanting Coastal Escape Aqaba: The Splendor Within the Red Sea Aqaba , a stunning coastal resort city at the southernmost border of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is in the real scope. Water sports lovers and beachgoers alike, this breathtaking
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  5. Water Spread Thin

    The saying in Carteret County was that we had a lot of water spread mighty thin. Most of the water in the 1st picture has a depth of less than two feet except for the boat channel which was mostly six or seven ft deep at high tide. Paddle home was close to a mile, sometimes with