1. Texas Lake Sees Lowest Water Level in Years

    By Anna Skinner Water levels have plunged so severely at the Twin Buttes Reservoir in San Angelo, Texas, that the lake is at its lowest point in at least five years. Texas has recently been struck by a wave of severe weather , including a deluge of rain that prompted a surge of floo
  2. CNN - EPA says it will step up cyber regulation of water systems amid increase in cyberattacks The US Environmental Protection Agency is stepping up inspections of water facilities that may be vulnerable to cyberattacks, the agency said Monday, citing an increase “in frequency and
  3. South West Water to pay out £3.5m to customers after water parasite outbreak

    By Temi Laleye South West Water has confirmed it will pay out around £3.5 million in compensation to customers affected by a parasite outbreak in Devon. The Government said 16,000 households and businesses in Brixham had been affected by the boil water notice after traces of crypto
  4. Drinking Water Warning Issued Nationwide

    By Gabe Whisnant The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued an enforcement alert Monday urging water utility systems to take immediate actions to protect the nation's drinking water from cyberattacks. According to the EPA, recent federal inspections revealed that 70 percent o
  5. • Why U.S. banks are banking on #climate chaos • Where an international dispute is brewing over #water • How to protect crops without toxic #pesticides Those stories and more in the current newscast of “This Week in #Water ” from H2O Radio. Soak it in!
  6. Learn how DePIN is ushering in a cleaner future

    We've compiled a list of amazing projects that bring back utility to nature and, most importantly, decentralized governance to ESG. Here are a few sustainable DePIN projects focused on environmental issues. #ESG #DePIN #EVCharging #GreenData #WaterManagement #WeatherAnalytics #Dec
  7. Talks To Save The Colorado River Just Hit A Logjam

    “There has been a breakdown on the way toward a long-term plan to save the shrinking Colorado River. Negotiations over plans to conserve its waters starting in 2027 have bifurcated: Arizona and California, two of the biggest users of the river, said Wednesday they will give up mas
  8. Montana Court Restricts Use of Groundwater for New Homes

    “The scion of a political dynasty sought to build a subdivision in a water-stressed valley. A judge said no, a decision that could slow development across the state… A Montana judge has ruled that state officials have failed to impose adequate limits on the construction of new hom
  9. A New, Rigorous Assessment Of Remote Sensing Tool's Accuracy For Supporting Satellite-Based Water Management [NASA's OpenET]

    “Sustainable water management is an increasing concern in arid regions around the world, and scientists and regulators are turning to remote sensing tools like OpenET to help track and manage water resources. OpenET uses publicly available data produced by NASA and USGS Landsat a
  10. A Perfect Storm Of Factors Is Causing Major East Coast Cities To Sink. What Are They, And Can We Do Anything About It?

    “The idea of our major cities gradually sinking into the earth sounds like the plot of a science fiction movie. But research shows that some of the most densely populated urban areas in the United States, like New York City and Miami, are descending into the ground at an alarming