1. Manhunt for ‘dangerous’ murder suspect focuses on Arkansas town as cops say he bought camping gear

    By Mike Bedigan A manhunt for a “very dangerous” armed felon, who is wanted in connection with four killings across two states, has focused on a small Arkansas town after police said he had purchased camping gear and was still in the area. Stacy Lee Drake, 50, has a warrant out for
  2. LISTEN FREE ON-DEMAND to “Perfect Replacements” - The Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with Pariah Burke no. 456 - Sebastian Bach wants to get touchy-feely in a new interview: "It worked for Metallica, Aerosmith, and Motley Crue, why can't it work for Skid Row?" - Skid Row: YOU told US: Who
  3. Former Detriot Lions Cameron Sutton turns himself in after allegations of domestic battery

    By Lucy Leeson Former Detriot Lions star Cameron Sutton has turned himself in after allegations of domestic battery . The former NFL cornerback turned himself into Florida authorities nearly one month after a warrant was issued for his arrest on charges of domestic battery by strang
  4. Russia dismisses ICC warrants as meaningless provocation

    By: Guy Faulconbridge MOSCOW (Reuters) - Moscow on Wednesday dismissed the issuance of International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrants against two top Russian commanders as a spurious provocation that had no legal significance for Russia. The ICC said on Tuesday it had issued ar
  5. Matthew Harrison: Pennsylvania husband suspected of 'strangling' wife to death wanted for questioning

    By Aarzoo Kalyan PENNSYLVANIA: Matthew Harrison, the suspect, is charged with first-degree murder , second-degree murder, strangulation , and two counts of aggravated indecent assault by the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office. Harrison still remains wanted for questioning. F
  6. Weaponized #search warrant service at an Ohio home endangers a baby on a ventilator. The subject of the #warrant hadn't lived there for over a year.
  7. Case study on why sensitive# data should not be scooped or handed over without a #warrant . A cop impersonator can't get a warrant.
  8. Lapse of US global warrantless surveillance power would be damaging -FBI chief

    By: Andrew Goudsward WASHINGTON (Reuters) -FBI Director Christopher Wray pressed a Senate committee on Tuesday to renew the authority of the U.S. government to conduct warrantless surveillance outside the United States, arguing that failing to do so would be "devastating" to law e
  9. Maine State Police says it's still unknown whether Robert Card is at surrounded home. Statements being heard are "standard search warrant announcements"