1. One of those "groups" Iran "directs, trains and equips" is Hamas. “We continue to tell Iran that we hold them accountable for attacks on U.S. personnel, and that their leaders must take action to constrain the activities of the groups Iran directs, trains, and equips”

    "The Pentagon announced that U.S. warplanes hit a training camp and safe house in response to recent attacks on American military personnel in the region. We will not hesitate to take further measures, if necessary, to protect our people"
  2. Here are some recent news stories from #Israel : Why is Israel attacking south #Gaza after telling people to go there? Israeli #warplanes have continued to hit sites in southern Gaza, spreading fear among the #evacuees President Biden said Wednesday he is alarmed by reports of " #Ex
  3. #Ukraine military pilots who died on Fri. in collision of training warplanes: Major Vyacheslav Minka, Major Serhiy Prokazin, and Captain Andriy "Juice" Pilshchikov #RussiaWar
  4. #Russia military observers: #Ukraine drone attack damaged or destroyed 2 Russian warplanes in Novgorod region on Sat. Criticize Defense Ministry for downplaying and ask why warplanes not in hangers Photos show Tu-35 strategic bomber on fire #RussiaWar