1. Generous donor offers generator to woman who cooks for husband at dawn, she politely says no, see why

    By Basit Jamiu A Nigerian lady who went viral for her act of love towards her husband by waking up around 4:50 am to cook for him revealed why she declined a generator from a donor The young woman, who received many gifts from admirers who were touched by her love story, rejected a
  2. This guide is not a pointer – it is a pointer of pointers – aiming to warn about traps, and eliminate confusing, predatory, and unnecessarily mysterious pitfalls of this experience. It describes in concise, verifiable, everyday language what waking up, aka, “the moon” is, and wha
  3. Just to clear this up before starting a new year: At any given time I’m willing to be up and out of bed. This is NOT the same as I want to be up and out of bed. I will not be taking questions on this topic. Carry on.
  4. Staying awake:

    "whenever situations of an ordinary or extraordinary nature come up -- [....] a sudden memory of awareness should take place. [...] when something hits you, which is a result of unmindfulness, then suddenly that unmindfulness creates a reminder automatically. So you actually get
  5. Never again! Wake up and smell the coffee!
  6. "Good morning. We have the whole world ahead of us. Let's try not to fuck it up." - Christopher Moore #quote #quotes #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #wakingup #SaveTheWorld #BeingHuman
  7. Wake up, but don't fall back asleep

    Words matter. Language matters. Ideas matter. Your level of energy matters. How much we can care matters. Bring in conscious intention to whatever you do, say, think, as much as possible. It takes energy to stay awake. Each day we might fall back asleep (in the sense of being conscious