1. Teen died after parents allowed weight to balloon in lockdown with chances missed to save her

    By Kelly-Ann Mills A teenager whose parents were found guilty of her manslaughter by allowing her to become morbidly obese in lockdown did not have a care plan in place. Kaylea Titford died from "shocking neglect" weighing 23 stone, and was found lying in soiled clothing and bed li
  2. Santa Claus facing eviction from own Christmas Grotto in row with council

    By Lauren Beavis & Benedict Tetzlaff-Deas Father Christmas is facing eviction from his grotto - because of a row with the council over planning permission. Santa's Grotto in Frome, Somerset, has given families and children memorable festive encounters with Mrs Claus, the elves and
  3. 'Innocent Palestinians should not be slaughtered in response to Hamas massacre'

    By Voice of the Mirror The massacre of innocent Israelis by Hamas was one of the most abhorrent and grotesque acts of terror since 9/11. But Benjamin Netanyahu’s response must not be the slaughter of innocent Palestinians . Israel has the right to defend itself. After the horrors Ha
  4. Touching Moment Wellwishers Rescued Frail Children Sleeping on The Road

    By Linda Shiundu Two emaciated children were rescued from dire conditions by the swift and compassionate response of well-wishers The distressing situation came to light when the two frail children were found sleeping along the roadside They were weak and sickly, likely exacerbated