1. WATCH: Heartbreaking Moment as Mum of Slain MKU Girl Views Her Body

    By Racheal Nyaguthie Faith Musembi, a 19-year-old university student, was allegedly murdered by her kidnappers a little over two weeks ago Earlier today, Wednesday, May 22, Faith's mother viewed her body at Machakos Funeral Home and was overcome with grief The mother wailed and call
  2. Man or bear? A viral question has spawned scary responses

    By AJ Willingham, CNN Another day, another hypothetical scenario tearing people apart on social media . However, this cultural discourse has some sharp teeth. The question, directed towards women, seems simple: Would you rather be alone in the woods with a man or a bear? While there’
  3. Horror and fury in Australia as epidemic of violence against women sweeps across the country | The Guardian Anger and grief have erupted, with women demanding action from the government on what has become a national emergency
  4. This is for all the men who are big mad that women are saying they’d rather encounter a bear in the woods than a man. For all the man screaming “this isn’t fair, it’s not all men!” For all the men who are Stubbornly. Not. Getting. It. First, we don’t care that it’s not fair. Secon
  5. 'My mum was raped and killed by shoe fetishist - I dread getting the same phone call every 2 years'

    By Izzy Hawksworth & Nia Dalton The daughter of a woman who was raped and stabbed to death by a sadistic murderer is still living in fear 30 years on. Tracey Millington-Jones' mum Wendy Speakes, 51, died at the hands of 'shoe fetish killer' Christopher Farrow in 1994. Wendy was mur
  6. 👇 🇦🇺 "‘Australia must do better’: Albanese calls urgent national cabinet meeting as thousands rally to end men’s violence against women" #PMAlbanese #ViolenceAgainstWomen #BondiJunctionStabbing
  7. United States of Misogyny

    While I read of the release of old Harvey the Handsy Hulk I was, of course, disgusted. He does still face that rape charge in CA and plans are underway to get him there for trial. But consider the fact that Bill Cosby's case is now overturned. This not only gives the ongoing impr
  8. OPINION - Deepfake porn is a terrible threat to women and girls, but Big Tech is disgustingly casual about it

    By Nimco Ali As a woman, I have known the incredible power of the internet to do both good and bad. The online world has brought me and my family — scattered around the globe due to civil war — together. It also helped me in my campaign to help end FGM. But I have also seen the ha
  9. WHO. CARES.

    Ho hum, so the monster is finally dead and we must revisit every stinking bit of minutiae in the process of, what exactly, to say good bye? For several days headlines are smeared with the offal of this violent murderous liar? okeedokee. #SIMPSON #murderers #ViolenceAgainstWomen #