1. Just saw a promo for an upcoming story from the Chamber Of Commerce decrying a lack of information about the medical professionals working for the Veterans Administration. Most likely another underhanded push for privatization. Judging from the production values this attack will
  2. 2 Montford Point Marines, among 1st Black men in Corps, laid to rest

    By Irene Loewenson Two of the first Black men to serve in the Marine Corps, including one who later became a brigadier general in the Army, were laid to rest in early February. Albert Bryant Sr. , 97, died June 25, 2023, and was buried Feb. 5 at Arlington National Cemetery , accordin
  3. Trump is No Friend to Veterans

    Trump Takes Veterans Day Speech in a Very Different Direction Wow! As a proud veteran who served his country for 30 years, I can only say that Trump's promises ring hollow. Firstly, the Veterans Administration (VA) doesn't need fixing. Certainly the Democrats haven't done any dam
  4. As the data improves, we understand more. Misinformation during the pandemic was bad, but it STILL continues. It's critical that we continue to fight misinformation. Vaccines work. Masks work. These are things that protect ALL of us. #CovidIsNotOver How big is the post-COVID hear
  5. Veterans Administration adoption of Veteran's innovation.

    Great to have been invited to present the Temple Massager at a Veterans Administration event. #drugfree #stressrelease #veteranshealthcare #innovation
  6. Very sad story. May Ian Fishback rest in peace and his family find tranquility. I sincerely hope veterans, and all those who suffer from mental illness, receive the proper medical care they deserve as human beings. #Veterans #Army #WestPoint #RangerSchool #Rangers #MentalIllness #
  7. Just filled out VA FORM 40-10007 APPLICATION FOR PRE-NEED DETERMINATION OF ELIGIBILITY FOR BURIAL IN A VA NATIONAL CEMETERY both of us. Getting our ducks in a row. Making it easier for the family. 😊 #VeteransAdministration #PreNeed #NationalCemetery #Veteran #Family