1. Waitrose shoppers being given free John Lewis Christmas toy in act of kindness

    By Levi Winchester Waitrose shoppers are being given free cuddly toys inspired by John Lewis’ latest Christmas advert. Customers are being handed free “Snapper” toys by shop workers, in an act of kindness. Snapper is the friendly venus fly trap who appears in the John Lewis Christm
  2. One in five have put their Christmas tree up already to cheer their house up

    By Natasha Wynarczyk One in five people have already put up their Christmas tree - with 40% of these saying they did it to cheer up the house. A third of those who have decked the halls despite it being November said seeing their first festive advert had inspired them. The John Lewi
  3. Nothing screams “Christmas traditions” louder than a major retail chain pushing tie-in merchandise - a plush Venus fly-trap - for their toe-curlingly sentimental Christmas TV commercial.
  4. You've been watering plants wrong - ice cube hack keeps them from 'rotting away'

    By Zahna Eklund We all know that one of the first steps to taking care of a plant is making sure it gets plenty of water so that it can stay healthy for as long as possible. But did you know that one of the most common mistakes committed by plant owners is overwatering? Yes, there
  5. I've mowed the last parts of the lawn today and I can't say I belong to those people that actually enjoys doing that. That's why I actively is planting things to make the lawn as small as possible 😄😄 I have also finally found a recipe so I can bake really nice gluten free french