1. Big Brother 17 Flashback: Vanessa Predicts the Winner

    In this Big Brother Flashback: Weeks before the end of Big Brother 17, Vanessa was trying to convince one of the twins how dangerous Steve would be at the end and how nobody would win against him. Hmmm. 🤔 Good prediction. 2nd TikTok today: You can also see this flashback as a Yo
  2. Big Brother 17 Flashback: Becky Forgets What Game She’s In and Refuses to Make a Deal With Vanessa

    In this Big Brother 17 Flashback, we see Becky as HOH outright rejecting the idea of a deal with Vanessa at the perfect time to make one. She could’ve gained safety in the event her plan didn’t work but was overly sure it would. Instead, Vanessa stayed and Becky left a week later