1. Dear Republicans, Democrats aren’t coming for your guns, we’re coming to give you healthcare, education, childcare, a living wage, paid sick leave, paid vacation time, paid maternity leave, cheap green energy, affordable housing, and safe neighborhoods. Sincerely, The Democrats
  2. We, the stupid, pay for all of this.

    After 40 days of summer vacation, US Congress is back "to work". They also have winter 4 weeks vacation, Easter vacation and as many vacation days they need. Oh, they have so many days as they need sick days vacation also. They arrive at work Monday some time, depends on their pla
  3. Getting some last words in before I head to the beach, you know, just in case.

    We're going to a beach on the Gulf Coast for a few days. If I get shot please scream to the rooftops and let everyone know that, "Yes. It is, in fact, the guns, and if people want to pray for something, they can pray for our politicians to have the courage to move on badly needed