1. US Navy’s largest aircraft carrier returning to US after extended deployment in Mediterranean

    By Brad Lendon, CNN The US Navy is pulling the world’s largest warship, sent to the eastern Mediterranean Sea after Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel, back to the United States as it reevaluates its global force requirements, the US Sixth Fleet said in a statement Monday. The aircr
  2. US carrier strike group to return home for first time since Israel-Hamas war

    By Josh Marcus The Navy’s USS Gerald R Ford Carrier Strike Group will journey from the Mediterranean back to its home port of Norfolk, Virginia, in the coming days, for the first time since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war. “The Department of Defense continually evaluates forc
  3. US plans to bring back aircraft carrier from the eastern Mediterranean

    The USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier strike group will soon leave the eastern Mediterranean Sea and return to its home port in Virginia. The carrier was redirected to the region in October to deter Hezbollah and Iran following an attack by Hamas on Israel. Despite the carrier'
  4. US defense secretary visits aircraft carrier, hails 'lynchpin' of Middle East deterrence

    By: Phil Stewart ABOARD USS GERALD R. FORD (Reuters) -U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin visited the Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier in the eastern Mediterranean Sea on Wednesday, and thanked its crew for their role in helping prevent a broader conflict in the Middle East during
  5. USS Ford to remain in the Mediterranean Sea amid Israel-Hamas war

    By Lolita C. Baldor and Tara Copp, The Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford and one other warship to remain in the Mediterranean Sea for several more weeks to maintain a two-carrier presence near Israel a
  6. How safe is America's Carrier Groups after Trump?

    As the USS Gerald R. Ford carrier strike group arrives in the Mediterranean Sea, should there be concern for their safety? We once thought these carrier groups to be pretty much invincible with impenetrable defenses but we also used to think that about Israel too. Many including
  7. U.S. sends aircraft carrier to Mediterranean after Hamas attack on Israel #Israel #Hamas #Gaza #Biden #Netanyahu #USSGeraldRFord #LloydAustin #YoavGallant #MiddleEast #politicaliq #news #politics