1. Rat poop, bug bits, mice hair: How many ‘unavoidable defects’ are in peanut butter and other foods you eat?

    By Sandee LaMotte, CNN Brace yourselves, America: Many of your favorite foods may contain bits and pieces of creatures that you probably didn’t know were there. How about some mice dung in your coffee? Maggots in your pizza sauce? Bug fragments and rat hair in your peanut butter an
  2. X-59: NASA’s ‘quiet’ supersonic plane revealed

    By Jacopo Prisco, CNN If you’ve heard a sonic boom recently, you probably remember it. The loud, explosion-like bang – caused by a plane flying faster than the speed of sound – can be startling, and even crack windows. Sonic booms are part of the reason why there are no supersonic
  3. Frostbite can strike quickly. Here’s what you need to know

    By Sandee LaMotte, CNN It’s COLD. We’re talking dangerous cold. Cold that might rob you of the tips of your nose, ears, chin, fingers or toes if you’re not careful. Called frostbite, it happens when the skin and the tissue under the skin freezes, which can happen much more quickly
  4. Three US passengers stopped from bringing loaded guns onto festive flights

    By Julia Buckley, CNN Editor’s Note: Sign up for Unlocking the World , CNN Travel’s weekly newsletter. Get the latest news in aviation, food and drink, where to stay and other travel developments. For most of us, traveling home for the holidays involves bringing clothes, presents an
  5. Colonizing Mars could be dangerous and ridiculously expensive. Elon Musk wants to do it anyway

    By Analysis by Jackie Wattles, CNN Business Elon Musk has spent nearly two decades rallying SpaceX fans around his goal of colonizing Mars, something world governments aren’t currently attempting — in part because of the unfathomable price tag such a mission will entail. Musk, the