1. Mozilla Pushes Feds to Embrace Truly Open, Transparent AI Models

    By Kate Irwin Mozilla and a cohort of nearly 50 nonprofit organizations, AI firms, and academic researchers have signed and sent a letter to the US Department of Commerce's Secretary Gina Raimondo, advocating for increased transparency and true openness in AI development. Mozilla a
  2. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin Continue Bull Run As 'Extreme Greed' Takes Over: Analyst Predicts King Crypto To Reach $88K, Setting All-Time Highs In 2024

    By Mehab Qureshi Major cryptocurrencies surged on Tuesday, with Bitcoin soaring to a 27-month high, hovering around $57,000 levels. Cryptocurrency Gains +/- Price (Recorded 9:30 p.m. EST) Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC ) +1.85% $56,743 Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH ) +0.47% $3,234 Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DO
  3. U.S. wants to contain China's chip industry. This startup shows it won't be easy

    By: John Shiffman and Joshua Schneyer WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Last year, a veteran Silicon Valley software executive took the helm of a startup in his native China, company records show. The startup told potential investors it would sell microchip design software that is mostly ava
  4. 'A massive failure?' President Biden takes on Rep. Boebert in her Colorado district over the economy

    President Joe Biden took his economic message to the district of Rep. Lauren Boebert on Wednesday to highlight clean-energy projects she opposed. By Joey Garrison, USA TODAY President Joe Biden took his economic message to the Colorado congressional district of Rep. Lauren Boebert
  5. A classic El Niño winter is expected this year, forecasters say. Here’s what that means for snow and cold

    By Mary Gilbert, CNN Meteorologist El Niño will drive what could be a warmer or wetter winter in parts of the US this year, according to an outlook released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Thursday. But don’t worry, snow lovers. El Niño – a natural ocean a
  6. An El Niño winter is coming. Here’s what that could mean for the US

    By Mary Gilbert, CNN Meteorologist Fall has only just begun, but it’s not too soon to look ahead to winter, especially since this one may look drastically different than recent years because of El Niño . This winter will be the first in a few years to feel the effects of the phenome
  7. Hurricane Lee on track to swipe parts of New England with gusty winds, power outages and high surf

    By By Mary Gilbert, Holly Yan and Aya Elamroussi, CNN Hurricane Lee, an enormous Category 1 storm whipping strong winds across hundreds of miles, is inching closer to New England and expected to impact the region Friday evening into Saturday. Lee is so huge that its tropical-storm-
  8. How is Bidenomics playing in steel country? Angst about inflation is adding to skepticism.

    President Biden is touting a future battery plant to reinvigorate an old West Virginia steel town. But its residents don't trust "Bidenomics." By Maureen Groppe and Joey Garrison, USA TODAY WEIRTON, W.Va. − Carol Hrabovsky, owner of one of the few remaining bars on Main Street in t