1. 10 best Call of Duty games from World at War to Modern Warfare

    By Saqib Shah Anyone who has picked up a controller in the past 20 years has probably encountered a Call of Duty game. Whether dodging Panzer tanks in its early days or snuffing out randoms on Warzone, the franchise has wrapped its armoured tendrils around players and refuses to l
  2. Opinion: Call of Duty's Modern Warfare III whitewashes the Kremlin's crimes

    By Jason Wojnar I started the "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III" video game campaign on the evening of Nov. 10, 2023, in my apartment in Kyiv with the aim of finishing it in a single night. I was two hours in when Star Wars star Mark Hamill’s familiar voice let out an ur
  3. When does the new MW3 Warzone come out? Here's when the new Urzikstan map will launch

    By Nathan Bliss The third iteration of Warzone is set to launch over the next few weeks, bringing with it the introduction of a new big map and major gameplay updates. Here's when we expect it to drop. Modern Warfare 3 is out now, with this year's Call of Duty title featuring updat
  4. Warzone Urzikstan map is another attempt to recapture the Warzone 1 golden era

    By Scott McCrae Activision gave the grand unveiling of the new Warzone map at COD Next, and Urzikstan is set to release alongside Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 this December. Warzone 's latest map, Urzikstan, was confirmed by Activision at yesterdays COD Next event, alongside a reveal t