1. Airplane turbulence is getting worse. Scientists explain why.

    The skies can be clear, blue, and tranquil. "And all of a sudden, boom, you hit it," Dan Bubb, a former airline pilot and now an aviation historian at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, told Mashable. This boom is "clear-air turbulence," a well-known hazard to aircraft and the p
  2. Flight Attendant Reveals Real Reason You're Always Greeted as You Board

    By Soo Kim Flight attendants are doing a lot more than just saying "hello" and offering a warm welcome when passengers board a plane. A message overlaid on a viral post shared by TikTok user Miva (@mrsmiva), who is a flight attendant, according to videos shared on her profile, says
  3. Are Personality Tests Actually Useful?

    By Angela Haupt Ask Erin Mantz why she loves personality tests, and she’ll tell you she’s a Pisces, an only child, and an introvert prone to self-reflection. “I’m constantly craving and searching for insights into why I do what I do, and what makes me tick,” she says. Since discov
  4. What happened to Apple Watts? LAHH star survives car accident

    By Bennett Yates Apple Watt is an American TV personality, model and rapper renowned as a supporting cast member and protagonist on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood on seasons five and six. Watts has been passionate about music from a tender age, but she started as an exotic dancer and l
  5. 3 UNLV faculty members were killed in the Las Vegas campus shooting

    3 UNLV faculty members were killed in the Las Vegas campus shooting #News #USNews #Nevada #NevadaNews #LasVegas #UniversityOfNevadaLasVegas #UNLV #Crime #GunViolence #MassShooting #Guns