1. Abortion, border dominate US Senate race in battleground Arizona

    By: Ted Hesson GOLDEN VALLEY, Arizona (Reuters) - A restrictive abortion ban revived in Arizona is providing a new opening for Democrats in the runup to the Nov. 5 election and putting Republicans in a tricky political bind as they try to win over moderates in the battleground sta
  2. English Classes in Tucson Arizona

    Kiya Learning offers dynamic English classes in Tucson, Arizona, tailored to meet the needs of diverse learners. Through interactive lessons and personalized support, our classes facilitate language acquisition and skill development, empowering students to achieve their language
  3. 'Stop with your lies': Internet roasts Kamala Harris after VP accuses Trump of 'gaslighting' on abortion in Arizona address

    By Kunal Dey TUCSON, ARIZONA: In a fervent campaign address in Tucson, Arizona, Vice President Kamala Harris took aim at former President Donald Trump's recent statements on abortion , cautioning against the potential ramifications of another Trump presidency. Harris's remarks came
  4. 'An utter joke': Internet shreds Joe Biden as he finally shortens his beach weekend amid Middle East's rising conflict

    By Arunava Chakrabarty REHOBOTH BEACH, DELAWARE: President Joe Biden has cut short his beach weekend and made his way back to the White House while the Israel and US forces prepare in the Middle East for a possible all-out assault by Iran. The 81-year-old had been in Rehoboth Beach
  5. Striking eclipse photos from CNN readers across the continent

    By Ashley Strickland, CNN Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more . The total solar eclipse that delighted spectators across Mexico, the United States and Canada on Monday was a c
  6. Tucson Class Action Lawsuit Will Protect Trans People in Arizona

    Recently, a class action lawsuit in Tucson was certified by a federal court after several claims were made against a law that requires a “sex change operation” in order to change a person’s gender on their birth certificate. The lawsuit affects all transgender people in Arizona a