1. So now these #truckersforTrump want to prevent deliveries going to NYC. Try it #TrumpCultists and wait for the next lawsuit. And they're doing it for a corrupt, fraudulent grifting sexual assaulter. Amazing!!! @cnn
  2. …and Stephen Miller is waiting in the shadows!

    For years Republicans have been complaining about “catch and release” but now that they have an opportunity to effectively put an end to this practice they aren’t taking it! I think most Americans, aside from the #TrumpCultists know why that is. They will allow another year or mo
  3. President Prisoner Trump?

    We could be in grave trouble because Trump can still become president again and pardon himself from all of his crimes even if proven guilty in court and even if he is in prison. The Constitution doesn't stop candidates from running for president while serving jail time. Two pre
  4. #CNN should be embarrassed by it's airing of the lying Orange Nazi and the audience that was selected by them. Bunch of sycophants and #TrumpCultists