1. It is tiresome when groups like #TrueTheVote cannot provide evidence of allegations. “First, groups like True the Vote spout claims of widespread fraud based on innuendo, ignorance of the law and the occasional I-know-a-guy-whose-girlfriend’s-cousin-heard-from-another-guy hearsa
  2. Court Approves Vigilante Mass Voter Challenges — Ignoring Our Film Evidence

    A federal court in Georgia ruled that a challenge to 360,000 Georgians’ right to vote—suspiciously targeting Black voters—does not violate the Voting Rights Act. The judge cited “lack of evidentiary support”—but he refused to hear the evidence featured in our film Vigilante . Judge
  3. This week my team: -Struck down Georgia's congressional and state leg. districts. -Stopped a GOP effort to ban Dropbox's in Arizona. -Sued Georgia for violating the VRA. -Started a trial to protect voting rights against True the Vote. That's why I say democracy is on the docket!
  4. On The Docket

    True Th[at] Vote[r] Intimidation Went to Trial This Week In other Georgia news, trial began in a federal lawsuit challenging True the Vote’s (TTV) alleged voter intimidation tactics yesterday. In November 2020, the Texas-based right-wing group launched the largest mass voter chall
  5. True the Vote Voter Intimidation Case Goes to Trial in Georgia Today

    By Madeleine Greenberg From Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro and Jenna Ellis’s plea deals , John Eastman’s possible disbarment and two pending election subversion indictments amounting to 17 counts against former President Donald Trump, courts are slowly starting to hold Republican
  6. So this group in Tx ( #TrueTheVote ) claimed Georgia voters were being paid $10 a ballot during the 2020 election but won’t produce any evidence, so #Ga is suing them.
  7. True the Vote Leadership Accused of Using Donations for Personal Gain

    The conspiracy-peddling nonprofit made loans to founder Catherine Engelbrecht and issued contracts to longtime director Gregg Phillips that may have violated state and federal law, a watchdog complaint filed with the IRS alleges. #TrueTheVote #Texas #Lawsuits #IRS #ProPublica