1. Toyota teases fuel cell electric truck, delivers battery-powered truck

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  2. They Drive By Night

    With They Drive By Night, Warner Brothers star power triumphs in a patched-together screen classic about the hard life of truckers on the road — that turns into a murder ‘n’ madness melodrama, Glenn Erickson of CineSavant writes. The Humphrey Bogart-Ida Lupino classic is out in a
  3. When the Truckers Sounded the Alarm for Pride. 🚛🌈

    Short story, I was really nervous waving a rainbow flag above a freeway after the Club Q shooting 2 years ago. I had to walk past a cop car that had the bridge blocked off due to contsruction , so I was standing next to a cop car and infront of a group of construction workers
  4. Jeeeezzzzz, #trump #MAGACult morons really never think things through. This time it’s the #truckers , deluded marks of #DonTheCon … #TruckersBoycottNYC
  5. Jeeeezzzzz, #trump #MAGACult morons really never think things through. This time it’s the #truckers , deluded marks of #DonTheCon … #TruckersBoycottNYC
  6. Reality sucks, huh?

    Called it! The #truckers have realized that they'll be fired or lose their contracts if they try to stop taking loads into New York. So, the guy originally calling for the boycott has backtracked. Color me shocked.
  7. Tusk vows to convince Polish carriers to halt their blockade

    By Martin Fornusek, The Kyiv Independent news desk Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said he would convince Polish carriers blocking the border with Ukraine not to use such methods, the Polish Press Agency (PAP) reported on Jan. 3. Since November, Polish protesters
  8. Polish Prime Minister says blockade of Ukrainian border will end soon

    By European Pravda, Ukrainska Pravda The Polish government is approaching the possibility of ending the blockade of several border crossings with Ukraine by hauliers. Source : European Pravda ; Reuters with reference to the press conference of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk Details
  9. #Poland truckers lift blockade of border crossing of Shehyni-Medyka w #Ukraine Movement of trucks fully restored on Sunday AM Polish truckers say they will maintain the blockade at two other crossings #RussiaWar
  10. Polish farmers join border blockade in Dorohusk

    Polish farmers will join the new blockade initiated by Polish truckers at the Dorohusk border checkpoint with Ukraine on Dec. 18, according to trucker spokesman Rafal Mekler said on Twitter. Farmers from the organization “United Village” will participate in the border blockade, sc