1. rusZia, xina and iran spread disinformation

    Disinformation and misinformation abound on social media following the terror-labeled Hamas attack on Israel on October 7 and Israel's subsequent attacks on the Gaza Strip. - china, rusZia and iran, which are very sophisticated when it comes to influence campaigns, are capitalizin
  2. Trump bets on putin & his trolls

    No one can bear to hear about the GOP soap in the US Congress, but it is interesting as the issue of new Ukraine support is waiting for a new Speaker of the House of Commons to be appointed by vote. Until then, no support packages can be considered, although Biden has hinted tha
  3. Stochastic Terrorism And What It Takes To Incite

    Since stochastic terrorism was used by ISIS, therefore fervently studied, and widely discussed in the scientific community it should serve well as a challenge to what constitutes incitement. The current legal definition in the US is clearly outdated and US democracy plainly hangs