1. Coach Robert Saleh won't let Aaron Rodger's injury impact New York Jets' season

    By Michael McQuaid The New York Jets are poised to conclude their 2023 NFL regular season with a game against the New England Patriots , marking not only the end of a challenging season but potentially a significant moment in AFC East history. As they prepare to face the Patriots, t
  2. New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh responds to 'tanking' claims ahead of final games

    By Mark Wakefield & Mark Wakefield New York Jets' coach Robert Saleh has rubbished claims that his team will 'tank' their last two games of the NFL regular season. The Jets, who are already out of playoff contention, recently celebrated a 30-28 victory over the Washington Commande
  3. Aaron Rodgers writes off this season as ‘lost year,’ but quarterback says he feels ‘I can play more years’ in NFL

    By Sam Joseph, CNN Superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers , who ruptured his left Achilles tendon just four snaps into his New York Jets career, has written off this season as a “lost year,” though he feels he can “play more years” in the NFL. After spending 18 seasons with the Green B
  4. The New York Jets signed quarterback Trevor Siemian to their practice squad Tuesday, drawing mixed reactions from fans (and Joe Namath ) seeking a permanent reprieve from the struggling Zach Wilson . #trevorsiemian #NewYorkJets #jets #joenamath #zachwilson #sports Full Story Here