1. In 2023, Taylor Swift cemented her place at the top of culture

    How did her PR Rep, Tree Paine, make that happen? The most powerful artist in the world answers to one person: her flame-haired publicist, Tree Paine who approves every single mention of Swift in the press and is rarely far from her side and has been with her for most of the high
  2. Elon Musk Has A Warning For Taylor Swift After She Is Named Time's Person Of The Year, Saying Expect "Some Risk Of Popularity Decline After This Award. I Speak From Experience LOL" — But The Title Isn't To Blame For His Likability Tanking

    By Jeannine Mancini Renowned billionaire Elon Musk cautioned pop star Taylor Swift about a potential decline in popularity after she was named Time's Person of the Year — a scenario he claims to have experienced himself after receiving the same honor. Swift, who achieved billionair
  3. Taylor Swift’s representative, Tree Paine, has lambasted rumors that she and her ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn , were married at some point before splitting in April after a six-year relationship. #TaylorSwift #treepaine #joealwyn #couple Full Story Here
  4. Travis Kelce’s Sister-in-Law Kylie Kelce Subtly Supports Taylor Swift After Disputing Feud Rumors

    By Erin Silvia The singer’s fans noticed the wife of Jason Kelce took action on social media to seemingly confirm she’s on her side. Kylie Kelce seemed to subtly stick up for Taylor Swift , 33, on social media this week. The sister-in-law of Travis Kelce reportedly “liked”
  5. Why Taylor Swift waited so long to respond to Joe Alwyn wedding rumours - all theories

    By Alex West It was a busy day for Taylor Swift 's team on Thursday when marriage rumours were debunked in a series of signals. Taylor dated Joe Alwyn in a longterm committed relationship, but it was largely out of the public eye. Earlier in 2023, they reportedly split which rattled
  6. Taylor Swift's publicist Tree Paine condemns DeuxMoi for circulating false rumors that singer wed Joe Alwyn in secret

    By Nabanita Pain LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Taylor Swift has denied stories that she married ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn before their shocking split in early 2023. Now, the singer's longtime publicist Tree Paine has criticized one of the most popular online celebrity gossip accounts. Swif