1. The Traitors New Zealand Finale Recap Podcast

    I was back on Silent Podcasts as a guest with Sarah Carradine to discuss the final 2 episodes of The Traitors New Zealand! What do I think of the final players, winners, & how the endgame played out? #TheTraitorsNZ #TraitorsNZ #RealityTV #Traitors #TheTraitors #TV #Podcast #Entert
  2. Traitors New Zealand Sam Knows You Have to Separate Game and Emotion

    Sam on The Traitors New Zealand played a very trust-based game but he knew he had to separate his emotions from strategy. Just because you’re friends with someone doesn’t mean they’re a Faithful! Special 5th TikTok today: You can also see Sam make this important point on The Trai
  3. The Traitors New Zealand Ep. 5 & 6 Recap Podcast

    We had a lot of fun as I joined Sarah & Shaun on Silent Podcasts to discuss The Traitors NZ Ep 5 & 6! What do I think about the Fili/Robbi & Dan/Brooke situations plus the season overall? And much more: #TheTraitorsNZ #TraitorsNZ #TheTraitors #Traitors #RealityTV #TV #Entertainme
  4. The Traitors New Zealand Matt Says the Faithful in the Game Are Worse Than the Traitors!

    We’ve seen on multiple seasons of The Traitors from different countries that the Faithful more often gang up on each other instead of accurately identifying actual Traitors. New Zealand Traitor Matt summarized it well, even saying they’re worse than the Traitors themselves! Speci