1. 'Griselda' Brings A Lot Of Firsts To Sofia Vergara's Career

    To play a Colombian drug lord in the hot new Netflix series "Griselda," Sofia Vergara found herself doing a lot of things she's never done before. #SofiaVergara #Griselda #Netflix #GriseldaBlanco #ColombianDrugLord #TonySoprano #Producer #RolePreparation #ActingChallenge #Biograph
  2. Miami commissioners almost fight in heated vote: ‘You’re a small little man’

    By Holly Patrick Miami council members brought a meeting to an abrupt end after they got into a heated exchange in the city’s first commission meeting this year on Thursday (11 January). “A lot of nasty, hateful people. That all they know how to do is hate...The ‘8th Street Boys’ a
  3. James Gandolfini Thought ‘Sopranos’ Criticism Was Ridiculous

    As "The Sopranos" celebrates its 25th anniversary, we look back at James Gandolfini's pointed thoughts about some of the criticism the show received. #JamesGandolfini #TheSopranos #TonySoprano #HBO #TV #TVNews #television #Entertainment #Entertainmentnews #Celebrities #Celebrity #
  4. ‘New York became my college’: Michael Imperioli on his new bar, Broadway debut, and the city that saw him grow

    By Clémence Michallon Talking to Michael Imperioli in a bar is a funny twist of fate. His best known characters have terrible luck in them. The young Spider in Goodfellas dies while serving drinks. In The Sopranos , if the volatile Christopher Moltisanti finds himself in a bar, he’
  5. Starfield Will Be the Meme Game for Years to Come

    One of the best parts of following Bethesda’s games has been watching how the community embraces its glitchy worlds. By Will Bedingfield For the past five years, the YouTuber Bacon_ has been uploading funny video game clips, nearly all of which come from titles made by Bethesda Gam
  6. Don't Stop Believin'

    #OnThisDay in 2007 in the last scene of the HBO series 'The Sopranos', "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey played on the jukebox while Tony Soprano sat at a diner with his family. The screen cut to black on the line, "Don't Stop." Steve Perry, the lead vocalist and co-writer of the