1. How Poor Things’ Intimacy Coordinator Made All Those Sex Scenes Possible

    Elle McAlpine helped center Yorgos Lanthimos’s coming-of-age movie around female orgasm, modesty garments, and empowered sexual exploration. By Rebecca Ford When Elle McAlpine first met with director Yorgos Lanthimos, he wasn’t 100% sure he needed an intimacy coordinator on his upc
  2. How sex (and sweets) helped bring Emma Stone's curious 'Poor Things' character to life

    Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo on their 'outrageous' sex scenes and the central journey of self-discovery in Oscar-contender dark comedy "Poor Things." By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY The dark comedy “Poor Things” chronicles the liberation of a reanimated women named Bella Baxter, who evol
  3. Emma Stone fuels 'Poor Things,' an absurdist mix of sex, pastries and 'Frankenstein'

    Emma Stone goes for Oscar gold again, going from woman-child to free-thinking lady in the excellent feminist "Frankenstein" fable "Poor Things." By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY Sure, Emma Stone can sing and dance, but in the absurdist “Poor Things” she's a joyous sight childishly bangin