1. This One’s “Chiefly” in the Bag: TNR Editors Talk Super Bowl LVIII

    By Michael Tomasky Today brings a special-edition Tomaskycast, wherein I jaw with senior editor and writer Alex Shephard about the Super Bowl. Well, when we say Super Bowl, we mean that in the meta sense—you know, the whole scene, the game as a pop-cultural (and this year, for ins
  2. “It Should Be a Real Call to Action”: Robert Zimmerman on George Santos’s Fall

    By Michael Tomasky Robert Zimmerman remembers the frustration all too well. He kept telling people that the district wasn’t as Democratic as they assumed. He kept saying that his Republican opponent was kind of crazy and folks should pay attention. He and his staff kept trying to
  3. “We’ve Got to Connect the Dots”: Navin Nayak on Democratic Messaging

    By Michael Tomasky It’s one of the most frequent and familiar complaints of rank-and-file liberals: Democratic messaging, especially on the economy, stinks. A new poll from NBC News will surely only add fuel to the fire, as it shows the Republicans with the largest lead on the que
  4. “There’s a Lot We Don’t Know”: Rep. Ted Lieu on Our A.I. Future

    By Michael Tomasky California Democrat Ted Lieu is something unusual in Congress: He was a computer science major at Stanford, a course of study that led him logically to his interest in the issue of artificial intelligence, where he’s sponsored a number of bills and become one of
  5. “We’re the Antidote”: Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin on the “Minnesota Miracle”

    By Michael Tomasky When it came to state legislative news this year, most headlines fixed our gaze on grim new laws restricting abortion and transgender rights in Texas, Florida, and so many other states. There was a good reason for that, of course: We need to keep careful track o