1. Sonuvita is a natural supplement that helps to restores hearing and treats tinnitus. The Sonuvita supplement treats tinnitus and its annoying symptoms by treating the real root cause of this issue. It injects powerful nutrients into your body that targets the varicella-zoster viru
  2. Losing the ability to hear birdsong can be the first sign of hearing loss

    By Adrian Monti When Caroline Fitton’s husband was diagnosed with cancer , she never imagined the news could result in her developing an incurable condition of her own. “Back in 2004 my husband Graham had a late-stage diagnosis of prostate cancer which had spread,” says Caroline, wh
  3. Man locked in Long Covid hell as he 'cannot escape' cracking sound as loud as plane

    By Bradley Jolly A man with Long Covid "cannot escape" a "electrical static crackle" noise in his head - an unpleasant symptom of a debilitating condition which affects millions of Brits. Shaney Wright, 33, has tinnitus , which new research says has links with Long Covid. His tinnit
  4. Why Are My Ears Ringing?

    At some point, you have probably had ringing in one or both of your ears. Ringing in the ears is sometimes a signal that you need to pay attention to your body. If you hear this ringing more often, you know how distracting and bothersome it can be. You should also know that it’s
  5. E4 Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing has debilitating health issue that leaves him 'screaming'

    By Daniel Bird Jamie Laing has revealed he's been left screaming and crying over an invisible health condition. The star, who found fame on E4's Made In Chelsea , has opened up about his battle with tinnitus and admits he's had to learn to adapt his life due to the condition. But wh
  6. Đau Vai Gáy Gây Ù Tai Có Phải Bệnh? Cách Điều Trị Hiệu Quả

    Nếu bạn thường xuyên cảm thấy đau vai gáy kèm theo triệu chứng ù tai, hãy cẩn thận, đó có thể là dấu hiệu của một số bệnh lý nghiêm trọng. IHR Việt Nam sẽ giúp bạn hiểu rõ hơn về nguyên nhân gây ra các triệu chứng này, liệu chúng có phải là biểu hiện của một bệnh lý nào đó không.
  7. Once a year I get to hear what my Tinnitus sounds like. My Tinnitus does not prevent me from hearing the cicadas. The Tinnitus is first thing that I notice in the morning and the last at night. I describe it as three cicadas and a metal cricket. The cicadas in my Palo Verde are
  8. #Tinnitus From Ringing to Relief: Study Finds the Most Effective Tinnitus Treatment